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Director’s Message

Balochistan is a potent province of Pakistan Neglected by our Rulers, Neglected by our Elite Class. Balochistan is main pillar of Economy of Country. Sui gas, Gold, Chromite and many of Earth’s Natural resources are extracted from the womb of our mother land Balochistan but It is being treated as the step offspring, no care, no focus. Like all departments being ignored in Balochistan, Education has been the victim of this ignorance. Balochistan is facing shortage of standard schools, standard colleges, quality teachers, quality supporters of education. Teachers are backbone of a community, polishing the natural talent of students. Students of Balochistan keep wondering for Quality education. Appetite of Education is there but no one to serve the appetizer. No one there to apply ointment of love on wounds of students. There is no system of Education, students doing it on their own. Old traditional study pattern, old traditional paper making and checking criteria. Papers that promote ratta system. If you want to get good marks you need to be best at ratta. Our system is producing copy paste machine not students. I hope I could change the system but unfortunately I can’t. I noted a cruel fact during my student life the most of examiners, teachers, head of departments when took viva, asked difficult questions to trap students, not helping them. The intent was to fail or degrade students. Teacher must be a symbol of love, care and resilience but I failed to found so.
In this dark era of Balochistan, Dr. Manoj Educational Complex has been the ray of hope. In restricted environment we are doing our best. Trying to enlighten students with energy of Education, working for the betterment of Student Targeting future, Using technology to clear concepts of students.
Dr Manoj is opening campuses in various cities of Pakistan to help students in getting Quality Education in these rural areas.

My message to students would be to get maximum benefit from Dr. Manoj Education Complex. The Future of Students of Balochistan lies in Education. I know the clouds are dark but Dr Manoj Educational complex courtesy of their quality education has ability to wipe away these dark clouds. I believe that talent of Students of Balochistan is something extraordinary, they just need a guideline, they need a mentor who could understand problems of students with a solution. So dear students join us, reach the heights of success.

Best of Luck

Dr Manoj Pahuja

Director Doctor’s Academy