Franchise Partners

HT Commodities (PVT.) LIMITED is a leading provider of online trading, technology and execution for retail, partners and institutional clients.

With existing partnerships in many cities, we have the expertise and experience that allows you to expand into new markets, offer new products and increase your potential revenue, while we provide the technology, execution and support. When you become a partner with HT Commodities Private Limited, you can get paid for each trade that comes from clients that you refer. Our program is not just about referrals and rebates though. You get a full-service, turnkey solution to building your business with us including a personal team to help. Partnering with us gives you the opportunity to satisfy and retain your existing client base as well as focus on acquisition activities in new markets, in order to maximize your potential revenue. Our commitment to continuous development and investment will ensure that your clients remain at the cutting edge of trading technology. Depending on your regulatory status and service proposition,HT Commodities Private Limited Markets Partners can find a suitable solution to accommodate your unique requirements.

Benefits for you:

This is a sample of the benefits offered to our partners. When you succeed, we succeed.

HT Commodities Private Limited Ethics

At HT Commodities  Private Limited we are putting forward values of integrity, knowledge and responsibility. Our policies and descendants are committed to customer’s satisfaction with delivering paramount services. We provide the ultimate experience and knowledge to our clients by putting them at the heart of everything we do. Our people are passionate about clients’ benefits and are constantly guiding the people through advanced gear to invest in National markets with global exposure. We believe that what sets us markedly is our dedication to understanding our clients and listening to what they need. At HT Commodities Private Limited we are motivated to deliver whatever it takes to help our clients be as successful as they can be.