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While not the largest county in Southern California, Orange County’s judicial system can be frustratingly complex, especially for someone who doesn’t know how to obtain an Orange County bail bond. At Cecil C. Armstrong, our bail bondsmen are familiar with the culture of Orange County’s legal system and are well-known by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department; this experience allows us to negotiate a fast and stress-free release of your loved one. Questions about Orange County bail bonds? Contact Armstrong Bail Bonds today, we’ll walk you through the bail bond process and develop a method of payment that suits your unique situation.
When a person is arrested and taken to jail, the jailer assigns the arrestee a bail amount(s) based on the crime(s) that the person is being accused of committing. Once an arrestee has been fully booked into custody and cleared a background check, the final bail amount will be set. This is the amount required for the individual to be released from custody.


Click here to view the most up to date Orange County Misdemeanor and Felony Bail Schedule from the official directory.


When a person is arrested in Orange County, they are first taken to the nearest police station jail to be processed and booked and, if no bail is posted, eventually transported to the Men’s Central Jail or the Women’s Central Jail to await their hearing or trial. To guarantee a speedy release, Armstrong Bail Bonds strongly recommends posting bail before the defendant has been transported to the larger facility—once in the Men’s or Women’s Central Jail, it may take significantly more time to complete the bail bond process.
Opened in 1968, the Central Men’s and Central Women’s Jail house 1433 inmates and 380 inmates, respectively. Inmates have access to television, outdoor recreation, newspapers, mail services, a small grocery store, medical care, mental health services, and dental care. Religious services, vocational training, and educational programs are also offered.

Men’s Central Jail

Women’s Central Jail

James A. Musick Facility

Theo Lacy Facility


Central Justice Center

Orange County Men’s Jail (CJ1)

North Justice Center

Community Court

Harbor Justice Center (Newport)

West Justice Center

Civil Complex Center

Lamoreaux Justice Center

Superior Court Service Center

Don’t let the complexity of the Orange County judicial system keep you from your loved ones! If someone you know has been arrested, contact Armstrong today for fast, no-hassle Orange County bail bonds!