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If someone you know has been arrested and is in a Riverside County Jail, our local Riverside County bail bondsmen can help you with the Riverside County bail process. LakeWood Bail Bonds has helped thousands of Riverside County residents get their loved ones released from jail.Call Us 1-800-598-2245.
LakeWood Bail Bonds Riverside County bail bonds process is easy and often can be finalized in less than one hour. Our Expert bail agents can post a bond at any Riverside County jail facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are happy to provide free bail bond information. Call us 1-800-598-2245. We provide Full & complete Riverside County Sheriff and local police department information. When contacting any jail you should have a court case number or booking number in order to obtain arrestee information or you can contact our Riverside bail offices.

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Riverside County Jail Locations

Southwest Detention Center

Robert Presley Detention Center

Riverside County Jail in Indio

Blythe Jail

Southwest Detention Center

Riverside Court Locations

If you need bail advice, inmate search services, court support, walk-through bond services, assistance with arrest warrants or bail reduction assistance; talk to LakeWood Bail Bonds today for professional and customer-oriented service. We offer industry lowest rates and industry lowest rebates. Call Us Today at 1-888-869-9989 .