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The LT- CAM (Chiropractic And Massage) Elevation Table is essentially two tables in one!

It was designed to serve thousands of chiropractors and massage therapists. Our UNIQUE table is designed to quickly and easily convert between a chiropractic table and a massage table with two sets of cushions specifically designed for each discipline.

Save on clinic space and the need for two tables, which means a savings of time and money. Moreover, the CAM is an ergonomic, elevation table with strong, quiet dual-lift elevation pillars and a 600 lbs. lifting capacity.

The elevation is controlled by one foot and one hand switch control for convenience. Additionally, the hand switch has an easily programmable (3 heights) memory position feature. Optional pelvic drops and pregnancy cushions are available for added chiropractic treatment modalities. An Optional Elevation Headpiece feature permits 4″ of vertical headpiece elevation while maintaining the flexion/extension function.

Also featured with the CAM is the adjustable flexion/extension headpiece and comfortable ergonomic armrest, washable, polyvinyl table surface for easy cleaning and maintenance. Optional black, Velcro attachable Grip Covers for added patient positioning and table protection. If you would like to see our LT-CAM Table in the field, we will gladly find a satisfied customer in your local area so you could see it work for yourself! We welcome all customer feedback and are open to any ideas for improvement!


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