Director’s Message

ature has blessed Pakistan with the finest breeds of Livestock, fertile land, network of canal, high mountains, green valleys and all types of seasons. Almost all the social, cultural and economic developments in the country are result of dedicated struggles made for proper utilization of these God gifted resources. Human population of our country which is growing at the rate of about 3 percent annually is warranting for provision of food and clothing from available national resources. Livestock is playing a significant role in sharing such needs in coordination with agriculture. Despite of this, per animal productivity particularly milk and meat is not compare with the international standard. This is due to the issues of management, feeding, breeding, reproduction, marketing and lack of capacity building of the various stakeholder of the livestock sector. We, Livestock Production Research Institute, Bahadurnagar, Okara is amongst the few institutions engaged in execution of field oriented

research and transmission of its results to livestock owners for practical use with specific objective to increase milk and meat production, ultimately leading to their better socio-economic status. Livestock provide milk, meat and other animal products for human beings and contribute to the Annual gross domestic product of the country.
The 30th annual report of Livestock Production Research Institute, Bahadurnagar Okara contains the information about the research endeavors rendered by the small group of biological scientists of this organization during the financial year, 2010-11 to 2014-15. The research work presented in this manuscript is the reflection of scientific approaches made in different disciplines of animal sciences to make the nation self-sufficient in production of meat, milk and their by-products.
I hope this manuscript of Livestock Production Research Institute, Bahadurnagar Okara will communicate and share various kind of valuable information with all the stakeholders for development of Livestock in the country. I further request to all the fellow scientists and stakeholders for feedback and guidance about the performance and future role of this Institute for the improvement of various performance traits of Livestock in the country.