About Us

Our Story

As a multiple six-figure earner in my early thirties, I had achieved the trappings of success and had respect and fulfillment in my line of work, but ultimately hit a ceiling in available time and income limits that would never be resolved in a W2 role. My call to action came after I spent the first morning on my honeymoon presenting and negotiating a client proposal.

If I couldn’t get out of work for a few days for getting married, what life was I really building for myself and my family? This journey of discovery eventually led me to down the path of multifamily syndications where I found I could replace my income 100% passively in a manner that was both achievable and far more rapid than traditional investments.

This led me to partner with good friend Aaron who’d spent over a decade in Commercial Real Estate and we began Multivestors. We spent the first couple years as true Multifamily operators & developers, but eventually found the best returns for our investors be achieved by partnering with the premier operators in each market. Today, we focus on raising capital which gives us better leverage with these operators and allows us to focus on vetting the
best deals for our investors.

Ben Frelka

Ben Frelka brings 8 years of experience in business consulting and sales experience to the Multivestors team. His ability to connect with individuals to build meaningful partnerships and drive systematic project implementation has helped the Multivestors Group build excellent momentum in the extremely competitive Arizona Multifamily market. He is a GP or LP in approximately 300 doors.

Aaron Rocha

Aaron Rocha brings 10 years of extensive commercial real estate experience, and in less than a decade has already completed more than 10 million square feet of global lease and sales transactions. His prior positions have included Global Head of Real Estate for Snapchat, Inc., a Fortune 500 technology company, Senior Director of Real Estate for flex-space operator WeWork, and Broker/Director for both JLL and Cushman Wakefield.