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Since 2018, our experienced team of developers are helping businesses across all industries. At Tagline Infotech we have a team of more than 150 people who are ready to deal with any challenges. We provide flexible hiring models and have been delivering innovative solutions to transform your ideas into reality.

Who we are?

About Us

RichestSoft is a well-known App and Web Development Company that has been in the market for more than a decade and has provided superior App as well as Web development services across the globe. The Web and App solutions developed by our highly experienced developers will take your business to new heights. Moreover, understanding your business and customers’ desires, we design and deploy apps and websites that you may love to see and make the most use of that.
Our main aim is to offer business solutions that encourage entrepreneurs in the internet world. Expertise is always ready to support and serve each client with top-notch App and web Development technology and seek success for the client’s project plans.

Tagline Infotech is based in Surat, Gujarat. A city that is perfect for software nearshoring because of its location and time zone.

We are well-known for providing high-quality, dependable, and timely delivery of IT services with tailor-made requirements for all facets of the business development to a vast collection of clientele. We have professional developers with extensive industry knowledge and abilities to analyze your company’s requirements and build the best solution for you. We provide feature-rich IT solutions that improve the user experience while also assisting you in establishing market authority and expanding your brand. 

Professional Working

High Quality Working

Cost effective Services

Our Stories


Empowering businesses & individuals to achieve growth and prosperity in the Digital realm


Our goal is to expand our client’s business reach within the industry by delivering cutting-edge IT solutions that meet their needs with complete satisfaction and transparency.

Our Core Value

Growth Mindset

We are a company with a growth mindset where we are willing to take risks to get success and we have the skills and abilities to face the challenges.

Transparency and Honesty

Our company believes in providing customer-centric services. We believe in transparency and honesty to gain the trust of the clients.

Team Work

We believe in collective efforts and that’s why at Tagline Infotech we complete the task more effectively with the help of teamwork.

Client and Team Satisfaction

We maintain high standards in all aspects of the business to ensure client and team satisfaction.

Healthy Culture

We also assist with social and environmental causes, improving health and happiness, and providing the best possible healthy culture.

Quality of work

As a well-established company, we aim for the greatest possible level of quality to achieve the goals of the clients.

Think like a Product & Not as a Task Features

We prioritize and aim to create top-notch, robust, and useful products that are full of modern functionalities.


At Tagline Infotech we believe in innovation and we are always ready to implement new things to make the product revolutionary.


We are accountable for good productivity skills like time management, planning skills, and decision-making abilities to deliver the project more efficiently.

We have the experience

We have got the experience to make your dream come true, and these stats speak for themselves: we have 350+ clients worldwide in only five years, and we have worked on over 650+ projects, all of which have been finished successfully and on schedule, with 100% client satisfaction. We also have 250K+ hours of freelancing experience.

Successful campaigns

We campaign team of synergy from individual and set up the business with change + positive progressive frame of mind in every aspect of work line. We satisfied our clients with this approach and gain unbelievable success within a short period of time.




Completed Projects




Completed Projects

Core Team

We have such an inspiring, polite and modernise top management team with aptitude and dignity.
They are all the time ready to spark their zeal to catch one single opportunity.

Shantilal Matariya

With 8+ years of experience as a software engineer in the IT field, an Elite in Back-end development, DevOps, and Project & Team Management.

Ajay Bhayani

Information and Communication Technology Specialist with 9+ years of experience in Project Management, System Analysis, Fullstack Development and Networking.

Bipin Sakariya

Mobile App Development Specialist with 8+ years of experience. He is an expert in Project management and Systems Engineering. He is in charge of all the Mobile development.

Krishna Joshi

Human Resources Manager with 6+ years of experience. She is in charge of Cultural Activities, Performance management, and employee relationship management.

Bhomit Davara

ROR Team Leader with 6+ years of back-end development expertise. He possesses exceptional project management and database administration abilities.

Pritesh Suvagiya

With 6+ years of experience in Python Development with Django, he is our Python Team Leader. His skill set also includes Project Management, Flask and FastAPI development.

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