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be a healthier dad


If you’ve landed here, odds are you’re on a mission to be a healthier dad. If that’s the case – you’re in the right spot! Here at Next Gen Dad Bods, we’re on a mission to change the world by helping busy dads get fit, one dad at a time.

spend life’s precious moments with your children

First, being in good shape and good health ensures the highest probability of being around to spend life’s precious moments with your children – after all, that’s why you decided to become a dad in the first place, right?


WELCOME TO Nest Gen Dad Bods

My name is Matt and I’m the Founder & CEO of Next Gen Dad Bods. Growing up playing sports, I always had a competitive nature. As I moved through high school and college, I took a keen focus on weightlifting and particularly enjoyed focusing my efforts on keeping a “normal” looking physique, but having a bench press that was elite.

To this day, I continue to pursue bench press at elite levels. While we can all admit that having a great bench press won’t necessarily make you a healthy dad, I also noticed that as I progressed from my 20s to mid 30s, the things I needed to do for my body to stay in good shape evolved (and pretty drastically at that!).

In addition to working out, I also love helping people. That’s why I’ve dedicated the next chapter of my life to using my ability to achieve elite fitness results to help dads use what I’ve learned to achieve their ideal,

healthy “dad bod” by using the limited time they have to dedicate to fitness in the absolute most efficient way possible. How, you ask? With the right mix of diet & exercise – that’s where I come in.


Founder & CEO

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OUR Services

Evaluation & Consultation

Evaluation & Consultation

We'll walk through where you're at in life, where you want to be (as it relates to fitness & health) and how you can take steps to move towards where you want to go at a high level.
Virtual Weight/Workout Routine

Virtual Weight/Workout Routine

We'll establish a workout routine that fits within your schedule and iterate based on your body's feedback as well as fine tune it along the way to eek out maximum efficiency.

Nutrition Routine

Nutrition Routine

We’ll establish a diet that’s suitable to your palette (I’m a picky eater, so let’s work around what you enjoy eating!). Calorie counting sounds archaic, but it can be useful when you start trying to 


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get in better shape

Second, when our children grow up and see healthy, fit role models, it reinforces to them subconsciously that being fit is the norm and what they should strive for.

When it comes to most things in life, knowing that we need to do something is the easy part; the hard part can be knowing what course of action to take in order to achieve what we want. The same is true for fitness.

If you know you need to get in better shape, but just don’t know where to start, that’s exactly where Next Gen Dad Bods comes into the picture. It won’t be easy, but if you stay dedicated to a process-oriented diet and exercise routine, you’ll start seeing real results.

From our blog posts, social media content, custom services, and interactive community, you’re sure to find a medium that speaks to you and helps you move towards your goals – not “some other time”, but TODAY!


Next Gen Dad bods

From our blog posts, social media content, custom services, and interactive community, you’re sure to find a medium that speaks to you and helps you move towards your goals – not “some other time”, but TODAY